The Society for Biological Engineering of VIT Vellore (SBE-VIT) is an eminent Biotechnology-based student chapter that aims to bring together like-minded passionate people in the field of Biotechnology. Previously functioning under AIChe, SBE crossed its first milestone when it was established as a separate student chapter in 2018. Since then SBE-VIT has conducted various events on the university level, attracting internal and external students alike, from varied branches of study. SBE aims to hold more such conferences, seminars and events to promote common interests and encourage young intellectuals to create a mark among the budding and growing scientific communities.

Presently, SBE-VIT has near about 60 active members mostly B Tech Biotechnology students. SBE-VIT conducts events regularly based on biotechnology and many interdisciplinary subjects surrounding biology. 

SBE-VIT is under the guidance of Dr, Debasish Mishra, Professor of biomimicry and bioinspired design at VIT. His research interest lies in finding tangible, affordable and sustainable solutions to concurrent biomedical problems.

Sarbajit Ray on behalf of SBE-VIT

Author & Editor

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